Houston Texans need give Davis Mills a shot to be the guy

Houston Texans, Davis Mills - Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images
Houston Texans, Davis Mills - Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images /

When the Houston Texans drafted Davis Mills, the NFL world reacted in a bit of disbelief.  All things considered, though, he was the best rookie quarterback.

Sure, Mac Jones had the best season, but given each signal caller’s situation, Mills easily made the most of his opportunity.

On the 2021 season, Mills threw for 16 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, completed nearly 67% of his passes, and earned a passer rating of 88.8. I say this because the Texans are a team that has come up in the Jimmy Garoppolo sweepstakes, which is set to end within the next few weeks.

I think it would be a horrible idea for the Texans to even entertain this trade. There are a few reasons for this.

Houston Texans should pass on Jimmy Garoppolo, ride with Davis Mills

Firstly, Jimmy Garoppolo is clearly a better quarterback than Mills at this very moment, and the Texans have a ton of holes they still need to fill. They’ve got a few young pieces in place, but their entire roster needs to be spruced up. If Jimmy G were to play in 2022 for the Texans, they would likely win a few more games, and in turn, have lower draft picks.

That’s not what the Texans need right now.  The Texans need to continue their rebuild, and they can’t take any shortcuts doing it.  This isn’t a situation where a team can simply replenish their cupboard.  The Texans tore it all down, tore the cabinets off the walls, and need to, not only install new cabinets but fill the cabinets with food.

Trading for Jimmy Garoppolo prevents them from filling their cupboards with the quality food they need.

Secondly, if he plays well, the team would have to re-sign him, right?  If that were to happen, the team would have to fork over a large contract for the signal caller.  They have three more years of Davis Mills on his rookie contract and are essentially saving a ton of money at that position.

Garoppolo playing into a new contract would force them to pay him close to top dollar.  The Texans would then be hamstrung by a large quarterback contract when most, if not all rebuilding teams are able to avoid that.

They’d also be given a false sense of hope if Garoppolo plays well.  He’s battled injuries and can’t stay on the field consistently, and his play is very up and down as well.

One minute, he looks like an elite player, and the next minute, he looks like a replaceable starter.

Garoppolo is not a franchise quarterback, but rather someone you can win with if the pieces around him are right.

The Texans should give Davis Mills a shot because of this.  They also need to give him a fair shot by continuing to fill their roster with quality talent, especially on the offensive side, because his rookie season was no fluke.

If we’re two years down the road and wondering whether Mills can be the guy or not, he likely isn’t, but the Texans need to take the logical road here.  Give Mills a chance. If he blows up in their face, they’ll likely have a top-three draft pick to draft a quarterback.