3 reasons the Dallas Cowboys need to sign Jason Peters

Dallas Cowboys, Jason Peters Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Cowboys, Jason Peters Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Dallas Cowboys have to contend with Tyron Smith’s injury this season. Though he’s struggled with his health in the past, it appears that head coach Mike McCarthy will be without his prized left tackle for much of the year. This means trying to fill the void will be of the utmost importance. Moving quickly to secure Jason Peters should be the priority.

Replacing someone of Smith’s caliber is never an easy task, especially at this juncture. However, the saving grace for the Cowboys is that players are available in the aftermath of NFL cuts this week. The fact is that Dallas already had a thin offensive line prior to Smith’s injury. The devastating news surrounding his injury obviously puts Jerry Jones and Co. into a bind having to secure a reliable veteran. Regrettably for Jones, there wasn’t much of a replacement in-house.

Speaking of in-house replacements, the Cowboys’ first-round choice this year was Tyler Smith. Despite being a draft pick that many fans panned, Smith has tons of potential and upside. However, he’s been mostly a left guard for the team so far. A notoriously penalized player at Tulsa, you don’t want someone this green protecting Dak Prescott. That only strengthens the need for Peters.

Dallas Cowboys, Jason Peters (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /

The best ability is reliability, which Jason Peters has plenty of luckily for the Cowboys

The question is, can the Cowboys convince him to jump ship and return to his old division? He was, at one point, the Philadelphia Eagles’ franchise left tackle. Despite being 40 years old, Peters started 15 regular season games last year for the Bears, proving he’s still reliable, quite the opposite of Smith in all fairness.

Considering the conundrum that Jones and the Cowboys find themselves in right now, Peters isn’t a bad alternative by any stretch. In fact, there are a few reasons why Dallas needs to secure his services immediately.