NFL Picks 2022: Predicting every division ahead of the 2022 season

NFL Picks, Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes - Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
NFL Picks, Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes - Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports /
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NFC North NFL Picks for the 2022 Season

1. Green Bay Packers

As much grief as I (and many others) give the Green Bay Packers for the Davante Adams trade and the way they built their wide receiver position this offseason, you’ve got to hand it to general manager Brian Gutekunst. He navigated a really crazy situation with Aaron Rodgers masterfully, and he’s also built an incredibly strong defense over the last handful of years. In fact, the Packers’ defense is the reason I’m all but certain they’ll once again win the NFC North. Okay, having the back-to-back MVP at QB also helps.

2. Detroit Lions

Here’s one of the biggest surprises on this list. I thought about going chalk or conservative and swapping the Lions and the Vikings, but I like Detroit a little too much. I don’t think the Lions are going to contend with the Packers, but in the battle for second place in the NFC North, the Lions come away victorious. The talent is there in the trenches on both sides of the ball and the Lions have tons of playmakers offensively to spread the ball to.

3. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings should be a nine-win team at worst in 2022, but can they get there? What this team “should” be over the last five years based on its talent alone has never matched up to reality. The Vikings are constant underachievers, it seems. Will Kirk Cousins help them take that next step with a new GM and coaching staff in place?

4. Chicago Bears

The Bears have a defense that is bordering on playoff-ready and an offense that is in total rebuild mode. This team is so interesting going into the 2022 season but I’m a lot less cold on them as I was earlier in the offseason. Justin Fields showed some promise in the preseason. If he can take a big step forward in 2022, the Bears should at least be back on the right track.