Week 2 NFL picks: 5 teams on upset alert, including Tom Brady’s Bucs

Week 2 NFL picks, Taysom Hill, New Orleans Saints - Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Week 2 NFL picks, Taysom Hill, New Orleans Saints - Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /
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NFL Picks: Indianapolis Colts an upset candidate in Week 2

4. Indianapolis Colts

Opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars (in Jacksonville)

The Jacksonville Jaguars dropped their Week 1 opener to the Washington Commanders with a fourth-quarter collapse and the Indianapolis Colts finished with a tie against the Houston Texans. Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season was actually pretty spot on for the AFC South, actually, wasn’t it?

Literally, nobody won.

I’m going to get a little crazy and say that someone in the AFC South will win in Week 2. I know, it’s out there. Maybe even a borderline bold prediction for this week’s NFL picks. I am extremely low on the Indianapolis Colts, and I’m not yet sure why. Maybe it’s Matt Ryan, maybe I’m underwhelmed by the overall skill player talent.

Whatever the case, the Jaguars managed to lose a game last week where they forced three turnovers and only turned the ball over once themselves. Unfortunately, they lost the time of possession battle, were atrocious on third downs, and had a whopping 13 penalties. I’m thinking the Jaguars will clean some of those things up in Week 2 and get a win against their division rivals from Indy.

5. Buffalo Bills

Opponent: Tennessee Titans (in Buffalo)

Just last season, the Tennessee Titans got one of their signature wins on the road to the top seed in the AFC over the Buffalo Bills in October. It was a shocker of a game because the Bills looked like a juggernaut last year just like they do this year.

Why am I putting this game on the list, especially considering it’s being played in Buffalo? The Titans may have lost in Week 1. They may be trending down. But they are still a well-coached team that can grind out a defensive battle with one of the best and toughest backs in the game, Derrick Henry.

The Titans had one of the highest pressure win rates of any team in Week 1 and the Giants still managed to sneak out of Tennessee with a win. The Titans just feel like one of those weird teams that will play up or down to their competition all year. The Bills are riding high after a big road win against the Rams, so maybe they could be in for a letdown against the Titans. Again, probably not, but that’s why we call these upset picks.