Top 5 Lamar Jackson trade destinations if Ravens won’t extend him

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens - Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens - Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports /
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Lamar Jackson potential trade destination no. 2: Houston Texans

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The Houston Texans are 0-1-1 to start the 2022 season, but Lovie Smith has his team playing hard. In Week 1, the Texans tied with the Indianapolis Colts. In Week 2, they collapsed in the fourth quarter on the road against the Denver Broncos. At this point, Davis Mills has shown plenty of potential, but will he be able to string together enough consistent play throughout this season to stick as the team’s QB of the future?

The Texans were put in a tough situation by Deshaun Watson with his actions off the field, and obviously, everybody knows at this point that Houston made the (right) decision to trade him away to the highest bidder. That highest bidder, the Cleveland Browns, sent the Texans first-round picks for life in exchange for Watson.

In all seriousness, the Texans have no shortage of draft capital and frankly, they may be in the best position to entice a team like the Ravens with an offer. Let’s say for the moment that the Texans get the top overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Ravens would then have the opportunity to pick a QB of their choosing like Bryce Young of Alabama or CJ Stroud of Ohio State.

Not only that, but they would also have the Browns’ selection from Houston (assuming any Lamar Jackson trade costs at least three first-round picks and then some), a future first-round pick, and their own first-round pick to work with.

When you’re talking about reloading a roster, you don’t really get better opportunities than that. The Ravens would probably much prefer just to keep Lamar Jackson than rebuild or reload, but if Jackson’s contract demands are not in line with what the Ravens want to do, they could do a lot worse than sending him to Houston for a king’s ransom of picks.