Dallas Cowboys top 3 studs in shocking win vs. Bengals

Dallas Cowboys, Micah Parsons
Dallas Cowboys, Micah Parsons /
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Dallas Cowboys
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Dallas Cowboys stud no. 3 in win vs. Bengals: Micah Parsons, EDGE

It wouldn’t surprise anyone if Joe Burrow ended up having nightmares all week long about Micah Parsons. Parsons has to be one of two or three of the most disruptive defensive players in the entire NFL right now. Against the Bengals, Parsons was nothing short of outstanding.

  • 4 total tackles
  • 2 sacks
  • 2 tackles for loss
  • 5 QB hits

Every time the Cowboys’ defense was on the field, it felt like Parsons was in the backfield. Keeping this guy at bay is much easier said than done but Parsons continued to help highlight the fact that the Bengals really need to do better at protecting Joe Burrow, and at other times, Burrow has to do a better job at protecting himself.

What are you even supposed to do about Parsons at this point, though? He’s going to start getting prime Von Miller treatment off the edge with multiple players chipping before he even gets to the offensive tackle. Teams are going to have to start taking drastic measures to protect their quarterbacks against Parsons because not only is he winning his matchups, he’s punishing quarterbacks every chance he gets.

The camera crews can barely even keep up with Parsons’ speed off the edge. He’s just winning way too easily when you consider the fact he’s going up against fellow NFL starters.

In a game where the Cowboys were without their starting quarterback, Parsons made the kind of impact that you need from a defensive MVP type of playmaker. The Cowboys obviously did well as a team in this game, but it’s not far off to say that Parsons arguably made the biggest impact of any player out there on the field.

Five quarterback hits against one of the best quarterbacks in the league at navigating the pocket? Five quarterback hits against a team that invested all its primary assets in the 2022 offseason into upgrading the offensive line? Parsons is a star, which is news to no one. The question now is, how high does this ceiling go?