NFL Week 3: 5 epic matchups you cannot miss

NFL Week 3, Buffalo Bills
NFL Week 3, Buffalo Bills /
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NFL Week 3, Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /


These two teams have a rich history and similar to the Buccaneers/Saints rivalry this game should also be a slugfest. The Buccaneers blew out the Packers in the 2020 NFC Championship snatching away any hope that Aaron Rodgers would have a chance at his second Super Bowl win. While the score in that game was close the Bucs put the pressure on Rodgers and it showed.

Comparisons between Aaron Rodgers and Bucs quarterback Tom Brady are a regular part of the conversation, many declaring Brady the most accomplished but Rodgers is the more talented quarterback. A duel in Tampa Bay where Tom Brady will not have wide receiver Mike Evans due to an ejection in Week 2 will not help his case.

Rodgers on the other hand is armed with a receiving corps where the median age is barely old enough to buy a beer. Neither unit has been tremendously impressive these first two weeks and Brady in particular looked quite unraveled against the Saints’ defense last week.

If the Packers’ “top 5 defense” can live up to expectations a rattled Brady is not an efficient Brady. The Packers have a good chance to turn this game into a 2-1 start to the reason where they are already being counted out after a Week 1 disaster against the Vikings.

PREDICTION: Packers 27, Buccaneers 21