Chicago Bears: What to look for in Week 3 matchup vs Houston Texans

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Are the fans turning against Fields?

We spoke about how it seems that Fields is handcuffed by the play-calling. So far this season, he has completed 53.6 percent of his passes for 191 yards and 2 interceptions. His completion percentage is lower than last year (58.9 percent), his average passing yards per game is lower (95.5 to 155.8), his interception rate is higher (7.1percent to 3.7 percent) and his passer rating is lower (69.2 to 73.2).

Then, after the game last week, a reporter asked Fields a question about who he thinks feels losses worse, the fans or the players.

Fields’ answer was a good one. He said the players feel it more because the fans aren’t “putting in any work.”

Apparently, that answer drew the ire of many fans. He received a ton of criticism for what he said.

There was nothing malicious or wrong with Fields’ answer. The players put in their blood, sweat, and tears to win games. This is their livelihood. The fans have no input on the team winning or losing. They aren’t deciphering defenses and they aren’t at the practices working out. To think that the fans feel losses more is an insult to the players. The fans sit on their couches, drinking beer and eating pizza, while the players risk their limbs. There is no comparison.

It seems that Bears fans cannot handle the truth about this team. This is not a team that will make the playoffs. This is a team in a holding pattern until next offseason when they have the highest salary cap space (by a lot) in the NFL. A lot of the players on this roster were third or fourth options for other teams. We are seeing the results of that.

To be fair, most of the criticism seems to come from social media. We all know how fair social media is, right? I figure that most of the fans who go to the game or watch it on television without social media feel differently.

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Here’s to hoping that the fans at Soldier Field continue their support of Fields as he steps onto the field this Sunday.