2022 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 4

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NFL Picks, Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens - Mandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports /
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Denver Broncos (2-1) at Las Vegas Raiders (0-3)

Sunday, October 2, 4:25PM ET

Let’s not sugarcoat anything for these two teams, alright? It’s been downright ugly for both the Denver Broncos and the Las Vegas Raiders to start off the 2022 NFL season.

From the Las Vegas Raiders’ perspective, the only bit of optimism right now is that it’s early on in the season. The Raiders are 0-3, but a win against the Denver Broncos could turn things around quickly. The Raiders have the potential to be an explosive offense with Derek Carr, Davante Adams, shocking breakout player Mack Hollins, and obviously guys like Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow.

Unfortunately, the Raiders just haven’t been able to find balance offensively, nor have they had sustained success defensively. The Raiders rank 32nd in the NFL in rushing attempts. They rank 26th against the pass on defense. They have allowed four rushing touchdowns already this season. Although their three losses haven’t been blowouts, by any means, it’s concerning when you’re in such a tough division.

Although the Denver Broncos haven’t exactly lived up to expectations this season, either. Thankfully for the Broncos, they are 2-1 and not 0-3. They got close wins against both the Texans and 49ers in the last two weeks, keeping pace with the Chiefs while their Russell Wilson-led offense works through a ton of struggles and issues.

The Broncos’ defense is legit, maybe the best in the NFL right now. They have been suffocating ever since a questionable first half against the Seattle Seahawks, but how long can the Denver defense carry this team? What is this, 2015?

The Broncos have a star QB under center. At some point, their offense has to start playing like it, right?

Prediction: Broncos win 23-17