5 NFL preseason predictions that have turned out false so far

Kyler Murray Arizona Cardinals - Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports
Kyler Murray Arizona Cardinals - Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /
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The 2022 NFL season is just about at the halfway point for the entire league and this year has been a crazy ride that few predicted, in fact, it’s been the opposite.

NFL preseason predictions are an annual right of passage in the media and while most of the time, they get it wrong in some small way, 2022 has been much different with many NFL Nostradamus being way off in their preseason viewing of the proverbial crystal ball. In fact, here are five of those missed reads.

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Kyler Murray would break out in a big way and take the NFL by storm.

Prior to the season, many believed that the Arizona Cardinals would take a big step forward and the main reason would be the play of Kyler Murray. Murray has thrown 10 touchdowns and has six interceptions and through his first 8 games, he has managed to lead the Cardinals to three wins.

Murray has only proven the naysayers correct. A great running quarterback who is an average throwing quarterback at best. The additions on the wide receiver unit have yet to truly deliver and Murray remains one of the most talked about enigma in the NFL.

Is the franchise quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals or just an above-average QB that can’t take the next step? Cardinals fans want to know but it is starting to look like average may be his ceiling after four years in the league.

Making matters worse, the Cardinals believe that he is the future of their franchise and they gave him a $230 million five-year extension with $103 million guaranteed.  So far, they are not getting a return on that investment much to the surprise of those who predicted a big year for the QB.