Buffalo Bills continually fail to live up to the hype in playoffs

The Buffalo Bills have continually disappointed in the playoffs in their recent franchise resurgence. Will the team ever get over the hump?  Once again, the Bills fell flat on their face in the playoffs and failed to break through, even with all of the hype going into the season.

They were embarrassed by the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, losing by a whopping three possessions at home.  Josh Allen had a hard time as the Bills’ offensive line couldn’t protect, and their defense could hardly stop a thing.

This latest disappointing playoff loss hits at something deeper wrong with the Buffalo Bills, and perhaps a big reason why it’s beginning to seem tough to see the Bills making and winning a Super Bowl in this most recent era of franchise resurgence.

The Buffalo Bills are a sloppy football team.  They can beat up on lesser opponents, but often look quite sloppy and unprepared against stronger teams.  Self-inflicted wounds, bad scheming on both sides of the ball, and lack of execution all seem to rear their ugly heads with the Bills.

A lot of this goes back to Josh Allen, I think, who has thrown 29 interceptions over the last two regular seasons.  During the regular season, he had five games with multiple interceptions and threw three interceptions in two playoff games.

Allen is also needing to do some damage on the ground as a runner since the Bills’ offensive line is hit or miss and a true RB1 on their roster does not exist.  I think what happens is Allen’s mindset, and perhaps the only way for the Bills to win in the playoffs, is him doing as much as possible.

I think when that happens, we sometimes see mistakes made as a result of him trying to do too much, and in turn, the team itself struggles.  It appears as if there’s simply too much weight put on his shoulders, and that’s not sustainable for the future.

As of now, the Buffalo Bills are a clear third in the AFC.  The Bengals and Chiefs are the two kings of the conference, and after yet another brutal playoff loss, the Bills are just the Bills.