Chicago Bears: Luke Getsy appears to shoot down Fields trade rumors

Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy spoke at the Senior Bowl and did not sound like the team is entertaining thoughts of trading Justin Fields.

For some reason, talks about the Chicago Bears trading quarterback Justin Fields have been made almost as soon as he stepped onto the field.

The Bears spent the better part of a century trying to find a franchise quarterback. They’ve found some pretty good ones but none with staying power. The Bears still haven’t had a quarterback throw for over 4,000 yards, the only team not to have one do so.

When Chicago drafted Fields many felt they finally found the guy. Fields has the tools to be that franchise quarterback. However, it seems that others don’t feel the same way. What first became whispers after his rookie season are now supposedly valid ideas.

The “trade Fields” people feel that some of the quarterbacks in this year’s draft could develop. They feel that the Bears could reset the rookie contract and give the team more time as general manager Ryan Poles rebuilds the roster.

What people wanted from FIelds in Year 2 was some development. Well, despite not having the proper targets and the proper protection he showed signs of his development. Does he have more to do before he is to be considered the guy? Yes, of course, he does. However, he has shown that he has some magic and can make big plays at big moments. He’s shown that no matter what happens he is unflappable.

So why is all the “trade Fields” talk surrounding the Bears? It could be that many fans aren’t used to having such a talented quarterback on the roster. They’ve seen other talented quarterbacks who failed to lead the team. However, those quarterbacks weren’t as talented as Fields.

Additionally, there are others who wish to see Fields on a better team that could fully utilize his skills. They recognize how good he could become and want Fields to go to another team. The Bears aren’t considered a relevant team anymore. It’s just one of the teams that provide the better teams with talent while they continue to flounder.

Of course, there is also the rushing of prospects in today’s game. Quarterbacks and other prospects aren’t allowed to develop anymore. People are impatient. They want to see immediate results from prospects. These players have to be superstars right from the gate or they should go.

Now, with the Bears owning the top overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, talk about trading Fields continues. People actually want the Bears to draft a quarterback with the number one pick and trade Fields.

After spending two seasons trying to develop Fields some want the Bears to reset and spend another four seasons trying to develop another one. With impatience running rampant, it’ll probably be just another two seasons before they call for another quarterback. This is the evil cycle the Chicago Bears have been involved in for a century.

Getsy shoots down rumors of Chicago Bears trading Justin Fields?

Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy is spending the week coaching the American Team in this year’s Senior Bowl. He gets to see some of the finest prospects firsthand this week. Additionally, Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus are there to get their own looks.

Having three of the most important figures on hand to look at the prospects gives the Bears the opportunity to make the proper decisions in the draft in April.

Despite being there to look at potential draft targets, Getsy had to also talk about the roster. Of course, he was asked questions about Fields and trade rumors.

Getsy appeared to shoot down any desires on the Chicago Bears’ part of trading Fields. He sounded like someone who was happy with Fields’ progress and who wants to continue to work with the young quarterback.

I have great confidence in Justin. We saw the growth that he had a year ago to where he’s at now. He still has a long way to go as far as where we want him to be and he knows that. Nobody works harder than Justin. The kind of guy he is and the kind of leader he is, I am really excited to see what he is doing this coming season.

Getsy was particularly impressed with Fields’ leadership. He said he was glad to see him come out of his shell and become more vocal. Despite coming into his rookie season as the great hope, he didn’t feel it was his place to be too vocal. He followed the lead of other veterans on the team.

In his second season, though, the team became a very young team. Additionally, he was the undisputed QB1 so he knew he had to be a leader. That was exactly what he did. Despite all of the losing (a ten-game losing streak to end the season), he kept his teammates involved and they still played hard.

Also, he went in on his teammates when he needed. Late in the season, wide receiver Chase Claypool showed his frustration with not being involved enough in the offense. He had a tirade on the sideline. Fields spoke to him and publicly said that Claypool showed his frustration in a wrong matter. He didn’t blast Claypool. He spoke to him on the sideline, also likely in the clubhouse, then publicly criticized him, but not too harshly.

This is how a leader acts. He holds his teammates accountable without undressing them.

Getsy went on to say that it wasn’t just Fields who had to improve. He said he himself had to grow as a signal-caller. Everyone involved in the offense has to evolve. He is looking forward to the improvement.

Doesn’t sound like someone ready to accept Fields’ departure, does it?

Yes, it still won’t deter the critics. They’ll just say that of course, he’ll say that so the team doesn’t show its hand. However, the Chicago Bears have the top pick in the draft. There is no need to cover anything. They have the leverage and can do whatever they wish to do in the draft.

This comes after Poles also appeared to kill those trade rumors. In his end-of-the-season press conference, he lauded Fields’ season and said he was looking forward to seeing more from him.

I thought Justin did a good job. I thought…he showed the ability to be a playmaker, be impactful. He can change games quickly. Does he have room to grow? He does. He has to get better as a passer, and I’m excited to see him take those steps as we move forward.

Despite the growing calls for the Chicago Bears to trade Fields, the staff doesn’t appear to agree. They feel they have their franchise quarterback and now, with assets in hand, will begin to build around the budding star quarterback.