Seahawks could still draft a QB despite signing Geno Smith for three years

NFL, Seattle Seahawks, Geno Smith - Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images
NFL, Seattle Seahawks, Geno Smith - Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images /

Becoming an NFL quarterback is difficult, and requires years of dedication and focus. Within the last few years, we’ve seen a handful of talented gunslingers find immediate success during their transition to the professional level. Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen changed the expectations franchises put on their starting quarterbacks – causing their peers to respond to added pressures. When the Seattle Seahawks challenged their leader under center, he showed he was more than capable.

Seattle Seahawks showed a tremendous amount of faith in Geno Smith in 2022

A trade with the Denver Broncos forced Pete Carroll’s team to rebuild their foundation. Seattle’s front office agreed to send off their pro-bowl quarterback in exchange for six draft picks (two first-rounders in 2022 & 2023) and four players. The media questioned the Seahawks’ motive behind the trade – finding it hard to believe Seattle had enough faith to rely on their backup quarterback Geno Smith.

In 2013, the New York Jets used their second-round pick to draft a strong-armed quarterback with the ability to improvise. Geno Smith played 16 games that season, leading the Jets to an 8-8 record. Inconsistencies in his performance and injuries cost No. 7 his starting spot – forcing him to seek opportunities to play with different franchises.

In 2020, the Seattle Seahawks decided to add Smith to the roster as a backup quarterback. His job included signal calling, supporting his teammates, and filling in for Russell Wilson. It did not seem like Smith would see the field with No. 3 on the roster. After two seasons with the team, No.7 played in five games – throwing five touchdowns and one interception.

Geno Smith’s performance last season secured a three-year extension

Geno Smith’s growing pains in the NFL were rough, but his determination earned him another chance to showcase his talent. Without Wilson on the roster, Seattle turned to their backup to lead. In 2022, No. 7 ranked eighth in passing yards (4,282), fourth in passing touchdowns (30), and seventh in quarterback rating (60.8). Clutch performances against Broncos, Lions, and Jets proved that the Seahawks had the right man under center.

An impressive season from their new starting quarterback led Seattle to a playoff berth. A 41-23 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in Wild Card weekend closed the door on an amazing season, but could not erase Geno Smith’s incredible effort.

In 2021, the Seahawks finished the regular season four spots shy of a playoff berth with an All-Pro quarterback. An impressive turnaround with their new man under center proved that the Seahawks found something special. On Tuesday, March 7th, Seattle announced their decision to give their starting quarterback a three-year extension worth $105 million after his AP comeback player of the year performance.

Seahawks could potentially draft another quarterback despite Smith’s contract extension

A decision to extend Smith’s contract will help Seattle stay above water in the NFC. With the NFL draft around the corner, the Seahawks will focus on improving their rosters by any means – including drafting a rookie after their commitment to Geno.

The Seahawks have the fifth pick in the upcoming draft – presenting the franchise with an opportunity to land a potential franchise player. When discussing the possibility of using that pick on a quarterback Pete Carroll spoke openly.

"That opportunity is still there. When you’re at five, this is different than what we’re used to seeing.Pete Carroll"

Geno Smith has proven he can lead the Seahawks into winning situations, and we should expect him to do the same in 2023.