3 goals Washington Commanders’ new ownership must accomplish

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The Daniel Snyder era is over in Washington DC with new ownership headed by Josh Harris set to take over the franchise before the beginning of next season. This is a breath of fresh air for most Washington Commanders fans as it’s not going to be hard for Harris and company to be better stewards of the franchise.

That being said, it’s not like this new group of owners will be coming into a well-run organization and as such they will need to look at what potential changes need to be made. There are at least three goals that this new ownership group needs to accomplish moving forward to help turn things around.

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3 goals for Washington Commanders’ new ownership to accomplish

1. Evaluation of front office and coaching staff

Almost every new owner of any professional sports team will take the time to see if the current regime of the front office and coaching staff will be a fit in the vision of what they have for the club. Harris will be no exception to this line of thought.

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Harris’ history of when he bought the Philadelphia 76ers should help Commanders fans have an idea of what to potentially expect from the club’s new owner. Harris bought the Sixers in the summer of 2011 but didn’t make changes to the front office till 2012 and head coaching position till 2013.

With that in mind, fans shouldn’t expect Harris to change regimes in either the front office or coaching staff in the immediate future. However, it’s not impossible either. When Harris took over the 76ers, they were a franchise in no-man land and that’s pretty much the state of the Commanders as well.

Harris changed that by investing in the infamous rebuilding/tank job in Philly dubbed “The Process”. That’s probably not going to happen in the nation’s capital, however, dramatic change is an option that Harris has done in the past.