Why Anthony Richardson will be the next GREAT NFL quarterback

NFL Power Rankings; Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson on stage after being selected by the Indianapolis Colts fourth overall in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft at Union Station. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
NFL Power Rankings; Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson on stage after being selected by the Indianapolis Colts fourth overall in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft at Union Station. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Just about every year there comes a new quarterback with all the tools in the world, but a flurry of questions regarding whether or not he’ll ever actually hit his sky-high ceiling. Anthony Richardson is that guy in this most recent draft class.

Today, we’ll be breaking down four of the main intangibles that I believe make a superstar: Leadership/Poise, Playmaking Ability, Coachability, and God-Given ability. (Yes, we will also be talking about the things like accuracy and the ability to read a defense).

Anthony Richardson’s Leadership/Poise

When watching the way Anthony Richardson conducts himself, whether on the field or off of it, one of the main things I gather is that he is a natural-born leader and never allows any moment to become too bright for himself. You can see it in the way he led his offense at Florida, despite only starting in 13 career collegiate games, or the manner in which he holds himself in interviews. This is crucial for the development of a franchise quarterback because teams need a guy who isn’t going to get flustered when his back is against the wall and will always play with the same level of confidence regardless of what happens to be going on around him.

This trait also shows up in how one handles themselves in the pocket as well; what they do when the pocket collapses and pressure rises. Do they take off and run every time, or do they know when to run, and when to step up and make a throw? This is something that I consider Richardson to be pretty exceptional at and he will only improve with NFL-level coaching.

Playmaking Ability

Arguably Richardson’s biggest asset, the arm may not be all the way there just yet, but the legs are and Head Coach Shane Steichen will be more than willing to allow Anthony to play to his strengths, as he develops his weaknesses. There may not be a more electrifying playmaker in this entire class, and Richardson will immediately be must-see TV as he does things week in and week out that make us reminisce on a young Cam Newton.


One thing that becomes abundantly clear while watching Anthony Richardson’s tape is his willingness to soak up knowledge and learn from mistakes on the fly, which are both testaments to somebody being highly coachable, which is a must for any quarterback hoping to lead a long and successful career in the NFL.

We’ve heard all the knocks about him “not being able to read a defense”, but what doesn’t get discussed nearly enough is the fact that A) he started just 13 career games, and B) he should constant improvement in his ability to adjust to opposing defenses and figure out what they were throwing at him. Give him some time and patience, and there will be no concern with reading defenses.

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God-Given Ability

This ties into everything else, specifically playmaking ability, but there’s something to be said about a 6’4 244 lbs. A quarterback with 4.4 speed and a 40-inch vertical. You can’t teach that, and it’s what separates Richardson from everyone in this class, and just about every class ever. The mechanics and intangibles can be coached into somebody, but super-human athleticism cannot.

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Where He Needs To Improve

Just like every player in the history of the National Football League, Anthony Richardson isn’t perfect. His footwork is often sloppy, which leads to hit-or-miss mechanics. His decision-making is poor, his pre-snap recognition needs work, and he doesn’t decipher information as quickly as one would like. On the bright side, these are all things that come with experience and good coaching, which are two things that he will receive in abundance.

Why It Will All Work Out

From Patrick Mahomes to Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Cam Newton, and many more, history has shown us to take a chance on the guy with other-worldly tools and a good head on their shoulders. It may not all be there just yet, but I implore you to give him time and approach his development with patience. We have never seen a quarterback with as much upside as Anthony Richardson, and if things go the way I think they will, this guy will be wearing a gold jacket one day.