3 players we want next in Season 2 of Netflix “Quarterback” series

Joe Burrow, Netflix Quarterback - Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
Joe Burrow, Netflix Quarterback - Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports /
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While NFL fans wait for the regular season to begin, Peyton Manning and his Omaha Productions media team have released a brand-new series on Netflix simply titled Quarterback, a series which features three players from the 2022 season with in-depth looks at their preparation, their personality, and their family lives. It also goes into detail about last season and how things fared for each of the three quarterback subjects.

For the first season, the three quarterbacks being looked at are Kansas City Chiefs MVP Patrick Mahomes, Minnesota Vikings starter Kirk Cousins, and former Atlanta Falcons starter Marcus Mariota. Each of these guys has fascinating on-field storylines to monitor, but what makes the show outstanding is having the curtain peeled back on all that was going on behind the scenes for the players.

The injuries they are dealing with, the way they handle the press, their family lives, and everything in between. It’s really a well-done show from Manning’s production company and it’s obviously timed perfectly. Football fans have a chance to binge the show before training camp begins, scratching everyone’s football itch for a brief moment.

Watching the show, you can’t help but get excited about the potential of a second season. This is a very raw and organic look behind the scenes of some of the biggest stars in the NFL and pro sports. Which players would we want to see in season two? Here are three picks that would make for must-see TV.

3 players we want to see on Season 2 of the Netflix “Quarterback” series

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3. Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets

I think if you asked the majority of NFL fans to compile a list of the three quarterbacks they would most highly covet to see in a series like this, Aaron Rodgers would probably make most lists. Therefore, he really qualifies as low-hanging fruit in this type of discussion.

But the intrigue is obvious.

Aaron Rodgers is an NFL legend who is changing teams and more than that, he’s moving to one of the biggest media markets in sports. The pressure on Aaron Rodgers this coming season is going to be immense, which makes for must-see TV. Beyond that, this is just one of the most interesting guys in the entire league. Who wouldn’t want to see some behind-the-scenes of his day-to-day life?

On top of all of that, I feel like Rodgers is often misunderstood as a person. Having him on a show like this would allow people to really formulate a more accurate opinion of what they actually think of Rodgers as a human being instead of basing their opinion on him off of press conference one-liners.