Malik Willis should be on the Washington Commanders radar

Malik Willis (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Malik Willis (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

Let’s be clear before diving into this article. The Washington Commanders appear to be set on Sam Howell being their franchise guy moving forward. The franchise had multiple chances during free agency and the draft to find a player who could firmly supplant Howell and they choose not to.

Unless Howell proves otherwise, there’s little reason to not believe he will be the man under center at the start of the season. All of that being written, it’s never a bad thing to keep an eye on another option like Malik Willis of the Tennesse Titans until Howell proves to be a franchise quarterback.

The Washington Commanders should keep tabs on Malik Willis’ situation.

Recently in an article written by Tennesse Titans team reporter Jim Wyatt, where Wyatt made the following statement to answer a fan’s question.

"“Malik’s roster spot isn’t guaranteed, even with the new rule. Ryan Tannehill and Will Levis will be on the 53-man roster because Tannehill is the starter, and Levis was the 33rd overall pick and he’s going to be given time. So, Malik needs to keep improving, and earn his spot.”"

Wyatt went on to write that he suspects that Willis will make the Titans roster, but left an air of uncertainty about it. If Willis stays with the Titans this article becomes useless, but if he does get waived, then why should Washington be interested?

That article was followed up by an article written by Chris Trapasso of CBSSports where Trapasso indicated that the Commanders should be a team interested in Willis based on Eric Bieniemy’s ability as an offensive coordinator.

Trapasso isn’t wrong and Willis still has untapped potential as a dual-threat quarterback. Willis could develop into a very solid backup in the scenario that Howell becomes the long-term starter. They could trade the Liberty product in that scenario.

Willis could also be a potential answer if Howell flops. The only negative to adding Willis is that it might shake Howell’s confidence. However, based on what we do know about Howell, that seems unlikely.

Willis has an upside that made me want the Washington Commanders to draft him last offseason, but if he comes available, then they have a chance to properly develop him. With that in mind, the Commanders should at least monitor his situation moving forward.