2023 NFL Power Rankings, Training Camp: Packers plummet, Steelers stuck

2023 NFL Power Rankings
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NFL Power Rankings
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28. Washington Commanders

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I would rank the Washington Commanders much higher than this, but I’m not currently sold on Sam Howell as a legitimate QB1 option. I know the Commanders also added Jacoby Brissett, but I just don’t think that’s going to be enough for this team to really make a major splash this coming season.

We’ll see.

There was once a time when Howell was so well thought of that people thought he could be the no. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. What I do like about the Commanders? I think they’re going to be tough defensively and they have some really good skill players. This could be a team that is playing for QB positioning in 2024 but the defense might be too good to get them there absent a trade.

27. Indianapolis Colts

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The Indianapolis Colts have a pretty underrated roster which was obviously decimated by injuries last year. Oddly enough, when we saw the Colts at their best last year, they beat the eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs and they had a 33-point lead over the Vikings at halftime on the road.

There was a lot of bad for the Colts in 2022, but there was plenty of good mixed in there. Now, you get Jonathan Taylor back for the 2023 season, the defense is reloaded, and Anthony Richardson is in the building as the team’s QB1 of the future.

I think the Colts’ defense will be better than people expect, and this is a team that can run it down your throat with a healthy Jonathan Taylor, not to mention, the dynamic Richardson can bring to the table.