1 reason why each NFL team could miss the playoffs in the 2024 season

Is there an actual reason for each NFL team to miss the postseason in 2024?
New York Jets v New England Patriots
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NFC South

Atlanta Falcons - Limited ceiling with QB Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins is the best "average" QB in NFL history, if that makes sense. He's always been insanely efficient, but never has climbed into that elite status at any point of his career. His teams are usually good for 8-10 wins per season, but will that remain true with the Atlanta Falcons?

New Orleans Saints - Head coach + QB combo simply isn't good

The duo of Dennis Allen and Derek Carr might be the vehicle equivalent of a 1999 Honda Accord with 210,000 miles. It's just not getting the job done at this point. Allen has never been a good head coach, and Carr has been average for a majority of his career. Them not being able to make the playoffs last year in the NFC is pretty telling.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Regression after pretty average '23 season

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were a pretty average football team in 2023 that barely won the weak NFC South. Them regressing a bit, especially since they lost Dave Canales to the Carolina Panthers, is firmly possible. Baker Mayfield might come back down to earth a bit in 2024.

Carolina Panthers - Too much change + no certainty at QB

Yeah, the Carolina Panthers still might need another year or two. While they did bring in some needed help on offense, there was a ton of new faces brought in and there isn't any guarantee that Bryce Young can be the guy. This is going to be a huge year for the Panthers; even winning five or six games should be seen as an accomplishment.

If all goes well, they can approach 2025 as the first year of a window to contention. But 2024 is just too steep of a hill to climb.