10 NFL free agents still unemployed as teams begin OTAs in 2024

Which NFL free agents are still unemployed as OTAs get underway?
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9. Stephon Gilmore, cornerback

At some point, Father Time is going to come after Stephon Gilmore. That doesn't appear to have happened as of last season, however, because Gilmore had a really great season for the Dallas Cowboys. His 13 passes broken up were the most he's had since his Defensive Player of the Year season in 2019, and Gilmore allowed just 55.8 percent of passes thrown his direction to be completed.

And he got plenty of attention with DaRon Bland creating a ton of turnovers on that Dallas defense. The Cowboys may not be looking to bring Gilmore back at this point, and there has been talk of him returning to Carolina where he played his college ball. But he's one of the top veteran corners available, regardless of his ultimate landing spot.

10. Michael Thomas, wide receiver

At this stage of his career, Michael Thomas is a bigger name than anything else. The former slot god has just missed way too much time due to injury, and it's hard to tell how much he's really got left at this point.

Still, whenever and wherever he ends up signing this offseason is going to be fascinating. Thomas has a lot of experience, and on a team-friendly one-year deal, it's hard to say signing him would be a bad risk to take. Why would you not at least see what he can do at this point? He had 448 receiving yards in 10 games last season, and if you extrapolate that over a 17-game season, he would have been over 760 yards.

He's still pretty productive despite his reputation and lack of overall availability.