10 way too early MVP candidates for the 2024 NFL Season

Which 10 players stick out as being the top MVP candidates for the 2024 NFL Season?
NFC Championship - Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers
NFC Championship - Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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6. Christian McCaffrey, RB, San Francisco 49ers

The offense in San Francisco goes through Christian McCaffrey, the best dual-threat player in the NFL. McCaffrey could totally switch to being a slot receiver and end up having a very good career. He also happens to be one of the three-best pure runners in the NFL as well. McCaffrey magically stayed healthy all season, which is unlike him.

CMC playing the RB position puts him at a disadvantage to winning the award, but there is a chance.

7. Aidan Hutchinson, DE, Detroit Lions

A fun candidate I think can really push for this award is Aidan Hutchinson, who, from year one to year two, more than doubled his QB hits total and also improved in the sack column. Hutchinson's teammates along the defensive line in Detroit weren't always the best, but with an improved secondary and the DL additons of DJ Reader and Marcus Davenport, it's hard to not put Hutchinson on this list, as I truly believe he can be an insane force in 2024.

8. Jordan Love, QB, Green Bay Packers

Jordan Love, about halfway through the 2023 NFL Season, looked lost. All of a sudden, something clicked, and Love ended the season playing with his right arm on fire. Love is now set to take a massive leap in 2024, and he helped the young Green Bay Packers make a run to the NFC Divisional Round. It's hard to not include him on this list for 2024.

Love still might be a few years away from truly competing for this award, but in my books, he's in the top 10.

9. Tyreek Hill, WR, Miami Dolphins

Tyreek Hill finished one yard shy of 1,800 in 2023, and he's now entering his third year with the Miami Dolphins. In his first two seasons, he's combined to catch 238 passes for 3,509 yards and 20 touchdowns. In 2023, he led the NFL in receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, and yards per game. He also played in 16 games, not 17.

Like Christian McCaffrey, not playing quarterback is going to hurt him here, but he's got the talent to be a very strong MVP candidate for 2024.

10. Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott is easy to hate on because like a few other players, he doesn't really clap back and just goes about his work. He was truly playing at a high level in 2023, throwing 36 touchdowns against just nine interceptions. Prescott added 4,516 yards on a stellar 69.5% completion percentage.

With Dallas getting worse in the backfield and just not feeling quite as good as they were last year, Prescott might have to put the team more on his back in 2024. He's also due for a contract, so whether that deal comes from Dallas or another team, Dak Prescott surely want to play well to earn as much money as he can.

He's an obvious MVP candidate for the 2024 NFL Season.