10 worst NFL free agent signings of the entire 2024 offseason

These were some of the most questionable moves of the 2024 offseason
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6. Falcons signing QB Kirk Cousins

I would have been ready to call this one of the best NFL free agent signings of the 2024 offseason until the 2024 NFL Draft took place. The Falcons taking Michael Penix Jr. makes a ton of sense if they would have already had Cousins on the roster and under contract, maybe even close to an expiring deal. It doesn't make a lot of sense with them having just signed Cousins.

And because the Falcons developed such a conviction on Penix, the decision to sign Cousins to the $180 million deal is even more confusing. Now it looks like the Falcons have a bit of buyer's remorse on a guy who suffered an Achilles injury last year and is clearly on the back nine of his NFL career.

They had better hope this works out.

5. Vikings signing QB Sam Darnold

Nobody's agent deserves more credit than Sam Darnold's for the way 2024 free agency went. Darnold, who did legitimately nothing last year for the 49ers, was given a one-year, $10 million deal by the Vikings. Maybe he has Kyle Shanahan to thank, maybe he has Baker Mayfield to thank, maybe he has Kirk Cousins to thank.

I don't know.

All I know is that $10 million is a huge raise for Darnold after simply spending a year with the 49ers.