2023 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 14

Major playoff implications in Week 14 NFL picks and score predictions
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Philadelphia Eagles (10-2) @ Dallas Cowboys (9-3)

Sunday, December 10, 8:20 PM ET

How could you not be juiced for this game? The Dallas Cowboys have been outstanding for so much of this season, but they have failed to come up big in some of their biggest games so far. Their game against the 49ers earlier this season was an abject disaster, and the Philadelphia Eagles stole one from them a handful of weeks ago.

The Cowboys got their “signature” win of the 2023 season with a victory over the Seattle Seahawks last Thursday, and that win against the Seahawks was huge for so many reasons. The Cowboys needed a win against a quality opponent and the Seahawks gave them all they could handle. It was the first time in Pete Carroll’s tenure as head coach that the Seahawks lost a game in which they scored 35 or more points.

The Cowboys are riding high going into this matchup against Philadelphia, who will be forced to get back to the drawing board after getting absolutely spanked against the 49ers.

The Eagles have been playing with fire for a lot of this season, but they’ve been so resilient. They were boatracing teams last season, and this year, it feels like they’re having to really grind. 

I think this is a classic case of unstoppable force meeting immovable object. I think we’re in for a real treat as football fans. The Cowboys are three point favorites at home.

Prediction: Cowboys win 36-33