2023 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 15

Making NFL picks and score predictions for Week 15 of the 2023 season
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Atlanta Falcons (6-7) @ Carolina Panthers (1-12)

Sunday, December 17, 1:00 PM ET

It’s really a shame to see how poorly the Carolina Panthers have played this season. They have already lost 12 games and are all but certain to be sending the Chicago Bears the #1 overall pick in next year’s draft. To see the way Bryce Young has played this season is really discouraging and you can’t help but wonder what the Panthers are going to do to try and rectify that whole situation.

While we think about all that, they’ve got a game to host against the Atlanta Falcons, who have been on a rollercoaster ride this season just like we saw last year. Some weeks, the Falcons look awesome and dare I say fun offensively, and other weeks they are anemic and can barely move the ball.

They had a chance – at home – to put some distance between themselves and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but they lost and find themselves on the outside looking in of the playoff picture once again. This is a must-win game for the Falcons and right now, they just that much better of a team than the Panthers that I think you can take it to the bank barring something weird happening. 

The Falcons are only favored on the road by three, so I guess the oddsmakers aren’t expecting this to be an overly high-quality game.

Prediction: Falcons win 23-19