2023 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 10

NFL picks and score predictions for Week 10
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New York Jets (4-4) @ Las Vegas Raiders (4-5)

Sunday, November 12, 8:20 PM ET

The Las Vegas Raiders had the vibe of a miserable class that finally got a substitute teacher for a day in their win over the New York Giants on Sunday.

As much dysfunction as we've seen from the Raiders this season, how is it possible that this team has four wins already? Honestly, good for the Raiders, I guess.

This week, they welcome the New York Jets to town and Robert Saleh's defense has done a number on some of the better quarterbacks in the league so far this season. How did he put it? He said he's "embarrassed" the gauntlet of QBs the Jets have faced?

I don't know if Aidan O'Connell is going to be shaking in his boots, but you can't help but keep that in the back of your mind as you go about predicting this game. The Jets have been surprisingly resilient thanks to the way their defense has played, and the folks in Vegas like them to come away with a win in this one, favoring them by 2.5 points.

I tend to agree that you've got to favor the Jets ever so slightly, even with the Raiders playing at home and coming off of a really strong offensive performance against the Giants. You're going to see a much different look when you face off against the Jets this week. I have confidence that Robert Saleh's defense is going to make O'Connell look like a rookie, but this game ultimately will come down to which side can run the ball better and make fewer mistakes.

Shockingly, I might take the Raiders right now.

Prediction: Raiders win 19-16