2023 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 10

NFL picks and score predictions for Week 10
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Indianapolis Colts (4-5) vs. New England Patriots (2-7)

Sunday, November 12, 9:30 AM ET (Frankfurt, Germany)

The Patriots are going to Germany this week to take on the Indianapolis Colts. Not that playing at home is much of an advantage for the Pats right now, but they'll take any advantage they can get. Having to go across the Atlantic to play this game in the NFL International series is probably not what Bill Belichick wants for his team at the moment, but maybe the change of scenery can provide some type of spark.

After all, nothing else is really working, is it?

The Patriots have the worst record in the AFC at 2-7. They are one of the worst offenses in the entire NFL this year. They are the epitome of dysfunction on that side of the ball and they're going up against a rather underrated Colts defense in this game.

The Colts, who are looking to improve to a shocking 5-5 record this week and stay in the thick of things in the competitive and fun AFC South.

The Colts got a much-needed win over the Carolina Panthers in Week 9 after dropping three straight games. Despite the Colts having dropped three straight games prior to Sunday's win over the Panthers, this team has the 7th-ranked scoring offense in the NFL right now.

Unless the Colts are turning the ball over a bunch in this game, I think they have enough firepower to outlast the Patriots right now. And I have absolutely no confidence in New England's offense.

Prediction: Colts win 24-16