2023 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 6

NFL picks and score predictions for Week 6 of the 2023 season

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New England Patriots (1-4) @ Las Vegas Raiders (2-3)

Sunday, 4:05 PM ET

The luster of Josh McDaniels going up against Bill Belichick in this game is all but worn off. In all actuality, this might be the biggest dud on the NFL Week 6 slate. For NFL picks purposes, it's feeling a bit easier to project.

Not that the Raiders have been any sort of juggernaut out there, but Mac Jones has been truly that bad for the Patriots in recent weeks. He's been pulled from consecutive games and it's got to be driving Bill Belichick crazy to see the lack of efficiency or even competence from his offense overall. At an average of 11.0 points per game through five weeks, the Patriots are the worst offense in the NFL right now and they are on pace to be the worst offense in league history.

With the way Jones has been playing lately, the Pats may need to make a change soon or risk sinking even further into this hole they are in.

The Raiders are obviously dealing with a lot themselves, having just recently broken in rookie QB Aidan O'Connell, a fourth-round pick out of Purdue. The Raiders feel like a team whose future is very uncertain at this point and they are stuck in a similar purgatory right now as teams like the Broncos and Giants, who make a lot of offseason headlines but aren't really a threat to do much during the actual games.

Like I said, this might be the biggest dud on the Week 6 slate. The Raiders are favored at home by 2.5. That sounds about right.

Prediction: Raiders win 16-13