2023 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 6

NFL picks and score predictions for Week 6 of the 2023 season
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Baltimore Ravens (3-2) @ Tennessee Titans (2-3)

Sunday, 9:30 AM ET (London)

We head back overseas this week for another AFC matchup, and fancy this: The Jaguars aren't playing in it.

The Titans will be this week's overseas AFC South representative, and they remain one of the more difficult teams in the NFL to figure out right now. The same could be said of their counterpart in this one, the Baltimore Ravens.

At this point, I think it's safe to say neither the Titans nor the Ravens have the most prolific passing attacks offensively. They are both ranked near the bottom of the league in total passing yards, but they do each have a surprising number of explosive passing plays. These are two teams that want to win lower-scoring games with tough defense, forced turnovers, and strong running games.

Which team is about to prevail? Vegas likes the Ravens by 3.5 points, and I think that sounds like a safe bet. The Ravens have more guys capable of taking over games offensively, starting with Lamar Jackson at the QB position. Unfortunately, we saw Jackson kind of blow it late against the Steelers this past weekend. He's not playing at his MVP level right now, but you never know when that guy is going to come to play.

The Titans haven't been efficient throwing the ball offensively, but they rank among the better teams in yards per pass attempt and explosive plays. They are tied for 4th in the NFL with four plays of 40-plus yards in the passing game. They have eight players offensively with a catch of 20-plus yards this season.

I think you could put the result of this game to a coin flip, to be honest.

Prediction: Ravens win 26-23