2023 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 9

NFL picks and score predictions for Week 9 of the 2023 season.
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New York Giants (2-6) @ Las Vegas Raiders (3-5)

Sunday, November 5, 4:25 PM ET

If any game is contending with the Patriots and Commanders for "dud of the week", it's got to be this one, right?

The New York Giants have the most abysmal offense in the entire NFL so far this season, and it's kind of unbelievable just how bad they have been. They are averaging less than 12 points per game this season and that is 32nd in the league, obviously. They rank 32nd in yards. They are 32nd in passing. 31st in red zone offense. 27th in 3rd down percentage.

Have we painted an ugly enough picture just yet? The Giants are traveling to Las Vegas after a tough loss in their home stadium against the other home team (Jets) they share it with. The Raiders haven't been overly impressive overall this season, either, but this is a game they should absolutely win no matter what.

Unless the Raiders are turning the ball over too much -- and they have done that all year -- this seems like a pretty "easy" game for NFL picks. And I say "easy" but what I mean is, you're picking the lesser of two evils. Instead of picking the 32nd-ranked offense in the league, you're taking the 30th-ranked offense and the team that ranks 31st in turnovers.

Meaningless factoid -- this will be the Raiders' third straight game against an NFC opponent.

Prediction: Raiders win 19-13