2023 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 9

NFL picks and score predictions for Week 9 of the 2023 season.
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Los Angeles Rams (3-5) @ Green Bay Packers (2-5)

Sunday, November 5, 1:00 PM ET

The Green Bay Packers have been in a nosedive in recent weeks after starting the season looking like they might be sleeper contenders in that NFC North. Now, the Packers look more likely to be headed toward potentially making another major QB move in the 2024 offseason.

It's not exactly the year Packers fans hoped for or envisioned.

With that being said, I think Green Bay is going to be content with evaluating Jordan Love this season, letting him take his lumps, and making a decision after the season. This year was always about evaluating Love and figuring out if he's the franchise QB or not.

RIght now, it looks like not. We'll see. The Packers welcome an intriguing Rams team to town. The Rams have some great veterans in key spots, but their youth all over the roster has been showing throughout the first half of this season. The Rams are 3-5 right now, but they feel like a bit better of a team than that. Who knows, maybe I'm overrating the Rams ever so slightly...

They are struggling offensively over the last couple of weeks, albeit against a couple of really good defenses. I think the Rams can go into Green Bay and get things straightened out even though I typically am not a fan of West Coast teams traveling to play in the 1:00 ET window. Oddsmakers like the Packers at -3 for this game.

Prediction: Rams win 27-21