2023 NFL power rankings, Week 11: 49ers, Vikings soaring

Who are the biggest risers and fallers in NFL Power Rankings ahead of Week 11 of the 2023 season?

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14. Seattle Seahawks (6-3)

Hopefully, Seattle Seahawks fans don't feel disrespected by this ranking. Seattle is obviously a resilient team and even a good team, but they aren’t passing the eye test lately, even in victory.

Why is that? Maybe you can put your finger on it. At the end of the day, this team is what their record says they are. They’re right on pace with the San Francisco 49ers at 6-3 so far this season and they are headed for a collision in less than two weeks (11/23).

Until then, I think the jury is still very much out on Seattle overall. They haven’t exactly beaten the best teams in the NFL among their six wins, although they have a quality win against Detroit as well as Cleveland, although that was against backup PJ Walker.

I’m skeptical of the Seahawks but I think putting them above the middle of the NFL is fair right now.

13. Buffalo Bills (5-4)

The Buffalo Bills have an absolutely crucial game on Monday night against the Denver Broncos, a game in which they are in serious danger of moving to 5-5 on the season.

The Bills are not a “bad” team by any means, but they have definitely been up and down all year long and no longer look like they are going to just steamroll their way to an AFC East title and playoff appearance. If they lose on Monday night to the Broncos, they will need to do some serious soul-searching.

Yes, injuries have played a critical role in the overall product we’ve seen this team put on the field in 2023. And through it all, we’ve seen the Bills still maintain a top-10 ranking in scoring offense and scoring defense.

Nobody’s going to feel sorry for these guys. The Bills have had a window in recent years and as of right now, it looks like they’re in danger of letting it slip again.