2023 NFL Season: 3 key observations halfway through the year

The 2023 NFL Season has shaped up, thus far, to be pretty interesting.
Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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2. There is no clear MVP leader through half the season

Patrick Mahomes hasn't really had an MVP-caliber season. Neither has Josh Allen. Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins can't beat a good team. Jalen Hurts hasn't been spectacular. And the NFL will never give the MVP award to a non-quarterback, it seems. Back to one of my first points; with the amount of parity present in the NFL, that also opens up a lot of conversation for the major NFL awards.

There might be 10-15 candidates to win the MVP award at this point. There's a bunch you could argue that could win the Defensive Player of the Year. Same thing with the Offensive Player of the Year and perhaps even Coach of the Year. Honestly, the only award that I think has a clear favorite is the Comeback Player of the Year. Call me a homer, but man, it's hard to argue that anyone other than Russell Wilson should be the favorite for that award at this point.

He's already hit his touchdown pass total from 2022 and has a passer rating over 100. Sure, the Broncos have won just three games, but wins are not a QB stat, so find another argument. As we progress down the home stretch of the 2023 NFL Season, I do think a few players will begin to separate themselves from the pack and end up making a very good argument to win the MVP award.