2023 NFL Season: Predicting every remaining head coach firing

We've seen two head coach firings in 2023. How many more will we see?

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings / David Berding/GettyImages
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There could be more head coach openings than usual in 2023. We've already seen two head coaches get canned. Let's predict the rest. NFL teams might be busy this coming offseason in trying to find the right head coach to lead their team. It almost feels like finding a legitimate head coach in the NFL is just as hard as finding a franchise QB.

Josh McDaniels and Frank Reich have already been fired from the Las Vegas Raiders and Carolina Panthers, and don't worry there's definitely going to be more moves like this made in the coming weeks and when "Black Monday" arrives in a couple of months. Let's try to predict the rest of the head coaches that will get fired in 2023, obviously not including McDaniels and Reich.

Matt Eberflus is most definitely not returning in 2023

This hire never really showed promise at any point during the tenure. He's in his second year as head coach of the Chicago Bears and has compiled a disastrous record of 7-22 record. QB Justin Fields hasn't really developed into a franchise QB during Eberflus' tenure, either, which is surely a huge reason why he might get fired.

The Chicago Bears are a bad team, but fortunately, they own the Carolina Panthers' first-round pick in 2024 and might pick in the top five themselves, so they have the potential to get two cornerstone players. Bringing in a new coaching staff would be the wise move here.