2023 NFL Season: Quarterback power rankings ahead of Week 5

-Russell Wilson still cooking

-Joe Burrow, the worst QB in the NFL right now?

-CJ Stroud already one of the best in the league?

Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears
Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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24. Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints

I was not a fan of Derek Carr signing with the New Orleans Saints, and after a 2-0 start, the Saints don't look like a playoff team. Carr has not played all that well and I think the Dennis Allen/Derek Carr pairing does not last into 2024. Allen is probably the first to go in that case.

23. Mac Jones, New England Patriots

Mac Jones has had a lot of excuses made for him, but the reality of the situation is that Jones is not a franchise QB in the NFL, and I think it is time for the Patriots to pull the plug on the Mac Jones era. They would benefit from looking in a different direction for their next franchise quarterback.

22. Sam Howell, Washington Commanders

I'm really unsure of what to make of Sam Howell. He's had some stellar showings, but has also been embarrassed as well. He'll likely get all 17 games to prove that he is indeed a franchise QB in the NFL. But I do not think his coach, Ron Rivera, is going to be around in 2024.

21. Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

Caleb Williams is on the way! (Hopefully)