2023 NFL Season: Which divisions are the worst in football?

The NFL season is in full swing, which means it'ts time to begin sorting teams into the good and bad columns. This includes not just teams, but also each division as a whole. The following are the worst squads in each division in football right now.

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The 2023 NFL season is nearly halfway done already. Which divisions stick out as being the worst in the NFL thus far?

NFC North

The NFC North is the without a doubt, the worst division in the NFL. Before anyone starts arguing that this statement is wrong because the Lions are good this year, I must say, i totally agree. Detroit is primed for a great playoff run; however, no one else in this division looks like they deserve to be within striking distance of a wild card position.

The Vikings, Packers, and Bears have all combined for a grand total of five wins in the opening five weeks. Minnesota and Chicago are tied for the worst record in the NFC, and Green Bay is only one game in front of that dreadful duo. Besides the Lions, the NFC North has rarely been able to compete in non-conference battles so far this season. For so long, it was the Packers who carried this division, but the recent departure of Arron Rodgers has caused a setback.

This has pulled them back to the pack and allowed Detroit to take the reigns. The chances that one of these three bottom NFC North teams makes the playoffs are slim. Chicago's season is all but over, Green Bay needs major adjusting, and Minnesota is 1-4 without Justin Jefferson for possibly the rest of the season.

The NFC North certainly deserve the title of 'the worst division in the NFC' and i highly doubt that more then one of these teams make the playoffs.