2024 NFL Draft: Top 10 picks are officially set

It might be a good day to be a Bears' fan...
Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears
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7. Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans definitely need to add some help on offense, and I think they are going to roll with Will Levis for year two. Getting Levis some help along the offensive line and at wide receiver is going to be a huge priority for this team.

6. New York Giants

The New York Giants won nine games last year and managed to scrape by with six wins this year. It's clear that injuries played a huge part in the Giants' lack of success, but not having a good roster was also a huge issue.

5. Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers have a decent QB in Justin Herbert. This next regime is going to be all about getting the host out of Herbert before he gets frustrated and wants to leave. Adding some help at wide receiver and getting the defense fixed are huge things on their to-do list in 2024.

4. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals won four games this year but were a very frisky team that could upset anyone. The Cardinals have their franchise quarterback and are clearly missing a ton of talent. This was going to be a lean year for the Cardinals, so look for them to take another step in 2024. I think the 2025 season is going to be the year for the Cardinals.