2024 NFL Draft: Who is picking in the top-five through Week 8?

You could argue that each team currently picking in the top-five need to find themselves a franchise quarterback.
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The 2024 NFL Draft is months away, but that won't stop us from taking a way too early look at the teams who are currently picking in the top-five. It's not a coincidence that the teams currently picking the highest in the 2024 NFL Draft are all in need of a franchise QB. In the NFL, teams won't win without a truly elite passer.

Sure, you can win with guys like Kirk Cousins or Derek Carr, but after a while, they simply don't cut it for the long-term. Well, the coming NFL Draft is filled with potentially elite QB prospects and truly blue-chip talent like Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Marvin Harrison Jr, and Olu Fashanu. Teams who pick high in the 2024 NFL Draft are honestly in a great spot, as there's a ton of cornerstone talent.

Well, let's take a way too early look at the current top-five order.

2024 NFL Draft: Who is picking in the top-five through Week 8?
5th Overall Pick: New England Patriots

I bet some of you never thought you'd see the day that the New England Patriots are picking in the top-five. Well, when you look closer at their roster, it's easy to see why. The quarterback is bad. The offensive skill players are average. The defense is missing their best players, and the coach has failed to adapt to the modern-day NFL.

The Patriots need to find themselves a QB in 2024. Perhaps going on a bit of a losing streak to end the season is exactly what this franchise needs for the long-term.

4th Overall Pick: New York Giants

Why did the New York Giants pay Daniel Jones $40 million per year? What were they thinking? GM Joe Shoen made a massive mistake here and is essentially burning money. The Giants are a horridly bad football team, but to be fair to them, they are also severely injured. This team needs a huge infusion of talent, and them having the fourth overall pick currently is great.

They might be able to luck into someone like Marvin Harrison Jr or Olu Fashanu, two elite prospects that would fill huge needs for the G-Men. I think the Giants also have their eyes on bringing in a top QB prospect as well. They can't get out of Daniel Jones' contract for a couple of years, so they are stuck with him for a bit.