2024 NFL Draft: Who is picking in the top-five through Week 8?

You could argue that each team currently picking in the top-five need to find themselves a franchise quarterback.
Utah v USC
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3rd and 2nd Overall Pick: Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears currently own two picks in the top-three of the 2024 NFL Draft. The third overall pick is their own, but the second overall pick originally belonged to the Carolina Panthers, who moved up to the first overall pick in 2023 and gave up a haul in the process. The Panthers put all of their eggs in the Bryce Young basket, and the team is only 1-6.

The Bears are also bad and need a franchise QB. Well, if Caleb Williams goes first overall, the team could find themselves landing Drake Maye. I really don't think Justin Fields can play well enough to justify the organization not taking a top QB.

He's not consistent enough and is still pretty inaccurate. I'd also expect Head coach Matt Eberflus to be let go at the end of the season at the latest, and GM Ryan Poles is probably also on thin ice.

1st Overall Pick: Arizona Cardinals

Perhaps the most interesting team in the NFL is the Arizona Cardinals, who also currently hold the first overall pick. The Cardinals are 1-7 and have lost five in a row. This is also an organization that is doing a true rebuild, so them not being that good should be expected. The team is playing tough and isn't always getting blown out.

I think the early returns on this new coaching staff are promising, but the main player here is QB Kyler Murray, who seems ready to return to the field. However, this new regime is obviously not married to Murray, and his massive contract extension is actually very moveable next offseason. Right now, there is truly no indication what the Cardinals may do.

On the one hand, they have a young, franchise QB in the building. They could easily stick with Murray and build around him. On the other hand, if they are open to drafting a QB, they could trade Murray, likely land a first-round pick and change, and get a ton of cap relief. Bringing in a rookie QB also may fit their timeline of a rebuild more than sticking with Murray.

Arizona also owns the Houston Texans' first-round pick in 2024. So, they also currently hold the 12th overall pick. I truly can't even make a prediction as to what this team will do. I have no idea and I think if they keep this top pick, they have total control over this entire draft.