2024 NFL Draft: Who picks in the top 10?

Who picks in the top 10 of the 2024 NFL Draft?

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8. Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons feel like a good spot for Kirk Cousins to land in free agency. Even if the Falcons do sign Cousins, that shouldn't take them out of the running to draft a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft. They could have someone like JJ McCarthy from Michigan fall into their laps, but if they are set on drafting a QB in the first round, they themselves may have to trade up.

9. Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears first overall pick originally belonged to the Carolina Panthers, and this ninth overall pick is their own. I think the Bears, if they draft Caleb Williams first overall, would target a wide receiver or EDGE rusher with this pick. I think if the Bears have a strong offseason, they can be a playoff team in 2024.

That obviously hinges on Williams working out and Ryan Poles making more smart free agency decisions. The Bears have a ton of cap space and can again go crazy in free agency.

10. New York Jets

With Aaron Rodgers basically running the show, the New York Jets are probably going to draft a wide receiver or offensive tackle with this pick, in my opinion. And let's face it, the second Rodgers went down, their season went down the drain. A backup QB is not going to lead a team as well as the starter will.

And perhaps a huge issue for the Jets is their offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett. It became clear very quickly that Hackett could not handle play-calling to any degree, and his success as an OC seems to be much more because of the greatness of Aaron Rodgers.

So I guess if Rodgers comes back to his old self, the offense could be just fine, but the offensive line is a massive issue that they have to correct this coming offseason.