2024 NFL Free Agency: Predicting the biggest quarterback moves

Let's try to predict the biggest quarterback moves this coming offseason.
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2. Kirk Cousins - Atlanta Falcons

Kirk Cousins signing with the Atlanta Falcons feels like a matter of time. The Falcons new head coach is Raheem Morris, who is straight from the Shanahan/McVay free. Cousins has played in that offense for most of his career. In fact, both Morris and Cousins were both on the then Washington Redskins from 2012-2014. Cousins has also played the last two years with Kevin O'Connell, who has worked extensively with Sean McVay.

The Falcons have a very strong roster on both sides of the ball and also truly might be a QB away from competing for the playoffs. Cousins would be protected by a strong offensive line and would have a trio of stellar playmakers in Bijan Robinson, Kyle Pitts, and Drake London. The Falcons play in the NFC South and are in a pretty weak division.

Cousins signing with the Falcons would make him the best QB in the NFC South and make them the best team in the division. This would then allow the Falcons front office to take a stab on a QB in the NFL Draft at some point to try and develop while Cousins plays out his career in Atlanta.

I think this signing makes sense for both sides. The Falcons need immediate QB production and could also draft and develop a QB in the meantime.