2024 NFL Free Agency: Predicting the biggest quarterback moves

Let's try to predict the biggest quarterback moves this coming offseason.

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3. Russell Wilson - Las Vegas Raiders

Russell Wilson landing in Las Vegas just feels right. The Las Vegas Raiders are taking a huge chance on Antonio Pierce as their head coach. And frankly, I think the staff he is currently building is pretty awful. Well, the Raiders are preparing to release Jimmy Garoppolo and will definitely need to add to their QB room.

Rookie QB Aidan O'Connell showed good things here and there, but he's not going to be a franchise passer in this league. Vegas might want to try and acquire immediate QB production while also building for the future. One way they could do that is by signing Russell Wilson, as I do think the Denver Broncos are going to cut him.

And if you're Russell Wilson, doesn't it sound like an appealing scenario to try and stick it to the Denver Broncos twice a year? The Denver Broncos are already paying Wilson in 2024 anyway, so a new team could realistically pay him very little.

4. Mac Jones - San Francisco 49ers

Man, I have a hard time finding a better destination for Mac Jones than the San Francisco 49ers. Sam Darnold was their backup this year, and he is slated to be a free agent. Jones will enter the final year of his contract in 2024, as his fifth-year option will surely be declined. Back in 2021, the 49ers had traded all the way up to the third overall slot, and it then became very obvious that they were going to draft a QB.

So many people were then saying that Mac Jones could have been the choice there since he could start week one and would have been a perfect fit for Kyle Shanahan's offense. Well, Jones' trade value could not be lower at this point, so I think the Niners could pounce on the chance to bring Jones in, revive his career, and have a backup QB with a very high ceiling.