2024 NFL Free Agency Predictions: New teams for the top free agents?

Will the top projected free agents remain with their teams or sign elsewhere?
Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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The beginning of the 2024 NFL Season is actually right around the corner, and the free agency period is always a fun and active time of the year for the NFL. At this point, it's unlikely that a team would be able to extend one of their pending free agents, especially if they're a high-profile player. The free agents in 2024 that you have read across many sites are the ones who are going to be on the market when the "legal tampering period" begins.

The first wave of free agency is typically reserved for the top free agents who get paid the most money. And usually, this is also where teams overpay for free agents. It happens ever year, and "winning" free agency doesn't usually mean the team is successful in the following season.

Let's take a way-too-early stab at predicting where some of the top free agents will sign in 2024!

2024 NFL Free Agency Predictions: New teams for the top free agents?
1. Kirk Cousins, QB

Kirk Cousins might not be the best player to hit free agency in 2024, but he's the most valuable one. He's a good QB who might be playing for his third team when 2024 begins. Cousins enjoyed a very efficient six-year career with the Minnesota Vikings and is going to be in his age-36 season when 2024 begins.

Cousins also tore his Achilles earlier this year but should be more than ready for Week 1. He's a good QB whose skillset translates nicely into playing a few more years. He's a pure pocket passer who doesn't really need to rely on his legs to make plays. And I think the Vikings should go in a different direction. They need to get younger at QB and the coaching staff has proven that they could win with backup QBs.

Pairing a first-round QB with their choice of a bridge would be a cheaper and better long-term solution than re-signing Cousins.

Prediction: Kirk Cousins signs with the Pittsburgh Steelers