2024 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: Post-Super Bowl LVIII

It's the first of three NFL mock drafts this offseason!
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17. Jacksonville Jaguars (9-8): Jackson Powers-Johnson Center Oregon

Protect Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence is entering his fourth year in the league and most importantly a contract year. He needs protection. Luke Fortner was decent at best at the center position. Powers-Johnson is NFL-ready and is a can't miss player for a team that needs depth on the offensive line.

18. Cincinnati Bengals (9-8): Amarius Mims Offensive Tackle Georgia

Since Joe Burrow entered the league the Bengals have been struggling to improve their offensive line. Mims will be another piece on the Bengals' offensive line that will try to improve the pass protection. It's also good that Mims is great run blocker.

19. Los Angeles Rams (10-7): Nate Wiggins Cornerback Clemson

For the first time since 2016, the Los Angeles Rams are making a pick in the first round. The Rams' secondary needs help. Nate Wiggins' slide ends at 19. Wiggins isn't the flashiest player, but his specialty is defending passes. He quickly can rise to being the best cornerback on the roster.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-7): Quinyon Mitchell Cornerback Toledo

Outside of Joey Porter Jr., the Pittsburgh Steelers lack depth at the cornerback position. Mitchell impressed everyone at the Senior Bowl and his draft stock rose. Just like Nate Wiggins, Mitchell is a ballhawk in the sense of defending passes. This is a massive pick for the Steelers.