2024 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: Post-Super Bowl LVIII

It's the first of three NFL mock drafts this offseason!
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29. Detroit Lions (12-5): Kamari Lassiter Cornerback Georgia

The Lions will see some of the top receivers in the NFL next season playing a first-place schedule. They will need someone who doesn't give up a lot of receptions. Lassiter is a shutdown cornerback which is exactly what the secondary needs. He provides relief for the safeties to prevent double teams from happening.

30. Baltimore Ravens (13-4): Tyler Guyton Offensive Tackle Oklahoma

Morgan Moses isn't getting any younger. The Ravens could use a younger and more athletic right tackle. Guyton is a hidden gem. He has climbed up the draft board and could end up being the best offensive lineman in this draft class. However, he gets a test for having to block for Lamar Jackson. Just like other rookie offensive linemen, Guyton never gives up sacks and rarely lets his quarterback get hit.

31. San Francisco 49ers (12-5): Ennis Rakestraw Jr. Cornerback Missouri

The cornerbacks in San Francisco could use some work. They aren't the best but they get the job done. Ennis Rakestraw Jr. can become the number-one cornerback for this team quickly. He makes the weakest part of the team better. Rakestraw Jr. didn't complete the full season, but he also doesn't give up a lot of receptions.

32. Kansas City Chiefs (11-6): Ladd McConkey Wide Receiver Georgia

Patrick Mahomes doesn't need a deep-threat receiver to throw to. Instead, he needs someone who can just catch and run. Even though McConkey didn't play a full season, he was still effective on the field. He showed his skill during the senior bowl which put him in the first round of this mock draft.