2024 NFL Mock Draft: Four quarterbacks go in the top four picks

Could the first four picks of the 2024 NFL Draft all be quarterback selections? If so, how would that look?

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I think people need to accept the idea that Michigan's JJ McCarthy could find himself going higher in the 2024 NFL Draft than some originally thought. Could four QBs go in the first four picks? Well, I think the answer can be yes. In what appears to be a very strong QB draft, there are perhaps six first-round caliber QBs.

There could be a QB who goes higher than we think, and there also could be a QB that goes lower than we think. I believe that NFL teams have never been more aggressive in finding franchise QBs than they have been in recent seasons, and the best place to find a franchise passer is the NFL Draft.

In this top-four mock draft, we lay out a scenario where a whopping four quarterbacks go in the top four picks.

2024 NFL Mock Draft: Four quarterbacks go in the top four picks

1. Chicago Bears - Caleb Williams, QB, USC

I don't think the Chicago Bears are going to trade out of the first overall pick, nor do I think that they are going to stick with Justin Fields. The best path forward for this team is to draft Caleb Williams, trade Fields, and reset at the position. Flush with cap space, the Bears could put themselves in an even better financial situation with a rookie QB and some major free agent additions. Don't mess this up, Chicago.

2. New York Giants (via WAS) - Drake Maye, QB, UNC

Here is the trade that allowed the New York Giants to trade up four slots from the sixth overall pick to the second overall pick:


Yes, the Commanders were somehow able to get this much. Now to be fair, if there was a scenario where the Giants did want to trade up with the Commanders, they would have to give up a ton as both teams are in the same division. With this pick, the Giants will select Drake Maye from UNC, giving them a legitimate player who can be the franchise QB.

Daniel Jones ends up just being empty calories in New York for a year as Maye comes in and cements himself as the QB1, giving the Giants an incredibly expensive backup QB. The decision to extend Jones was a horrid one from the beginning, and the Giants recognize that when drafting Maye.