2024 NFL Mock Draft: Full three-round mock draft with outrageous trades

Let's put together another huge mock draft!

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17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jackson Powers-Johnson, OC, Oregon

This just feels like the right pick.  The Jacksonville Jaguars had a down year in 2023, and a poor interior offensive line was surely one of the few reasons why that happened.  Jackson Powers-Johnson is a day one starter and would bring a huge upgrade to the center position for Trevor Lawrence, who regressed in year three.

18. Cincinnati Bengals - Brian Thomas Jr, WR, LSU

Honestly, the Cincinnati Bengals should trade Tee Higgins and just reset at the WR2 spot, as Ja’Marr Chase is surely getting paid this offseason and Joe Burrow’s contract will hit the team sooner than later.  Brian Thomas Jr can be the selection here as the Bengals perhaps trade Tee Higgins.

19. Los Angeles Rams, Quinyon Mitchell, CB, Toledo

The Los Angeles Rams had a surprising, breakout year in 2023, winning 10 games on the backs of an insane late-season push from Matthew Stafford and the offense.  I think the Rams are going to bolster their defense in the 2024 NFL Draft, and adding some much-needed CB help makes a ton of sense to me.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers - Nate Wiggins, CB, Clemson

I am not sure what the Pittsburgh Steelers plan on doing with their QB situation, as they do have an urgent, first-round need at quarterback.  However, it seems like they are willing to give Kenny Pickett another chance, which is just insane to me, so instead of trading up or taking a QB at 20, they’ll get a solid CB prospect in Nate Wiggins.