2024 NFL Mock Draft: Full two-round mock draft with trades

How will the 2024 NFL Draft go down?

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The 2024 NFL Draft is just three short months away, and the mock drafts are pouring in. Let's do our biggest one to date, making it two full rounds with trades. On one side of the coin, mock drafts give us NFL folks somewhat of an idea what the teams could do when the draft comes around. On the other hand, we truly do not know what these teams will do when April rolls around.

And I don't think the teams themselves truly know for sure. Well, what we can do in the meantime is to try and put the best possible mock draft out there. I do think the first four or so picks are almost locked in, but after that, it could be total chaos. This draft is also very deep at positions like wide receiver and cornerback, it seems.

So, let's put together a two-round 2024 NFL Mock Draft with trades.

2024 NFL Mock Draft: Full two-round mock draft with trades
1. Chicago Bears - Caleb Williams, QB, USC

I don't think there is any other right move the Chicago Bears can make besides drafting Caleb Williams and trading Justin Fields. There is no justification for sticking with Fields, as he has hardly grown as a passer, and has thrown 30 interceptions in 40 games. There's not a lot to like with Fields as a franchise QB.

Caleb Williams steps into the NFL, most likely, as one of the top-16 QBs in the league. The Bears should trade Justin Fields to the highest bidder.

2. Washington Commanders - Drake Maye, QB, UNC

Drake Maye seems to be the consensus No. 2 ranked QB in this year's draft class, but I could see why some people may have him as the No. 1 ranked passer. He's the most complete prospect, and I have seen people already compare him to Justin Herbert. The Washington Commanders desperately need someone like Drake Maye to save their franchise.

3. New England Patriots - Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU

I'm sure the New England Patriots would love to draft Caleb Williams or Drake Maye, but they will have to settle for Jayden Daniels. But the funny part is, the Patriots are nowhere near setting by drafting this year's Heisman Trophy winner. Jayden Daniels' collegiate career is actually quite similar to that of Joe Burrows. I just find that fascinating.

The Patriots have gotten bottom-of-the-barrel QB play from Mac Jones over the last two seasons, and it is beyond time to pull the plug on that experiment.

4. Arizona Cardinals - Marvin Harrison Jr, WR, Ohio State

The Arizona Cardinals may have considered drafting a QB if they were picking No. 1 or No. 2 overall in my opinion, but I do think the franchise and new regime is perfectly happy with Kyler Murray as their guy for the long-term. Murray is one of the few true dual-threat passers in the NFL, and the Cardinals would be doing him a huge favor by drafting arguably, the best overall prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft in Marvin Harrison Jr.

He's the son of, you guessed it, Marvin Harrison. He's also 6'4", so you have great size with Harrison, and a true WR1 at the next level.