2024 NFL mock draft: Giants steal top prospect, Seahawks land QB

The latest 2024 NFL mock draft includes a QB prospect going to Seattle...
2024 NFL mock draft
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The 2023 NFL season is already marching into Week 10, which means it's 100 percent 2024 NFL mock draft season.

Although it's impossible at this point to project the NFL Draft, we want to take a look at the top prospect around college football and how they might fit with NFL teams the way things are trending right now. We've got some surprises lined up for this particular mock draft scenario, including a couple of quarterbacks going to playoff contenders, a surprise for the New York Giants, and another year with no running backs in round one...

2024 NFL mock draft midway through the 2023 season

1. Chicago Bears (from Panthers): Drake Maye, QB, North Carolina

The Chicago Bears have moved into the top overall slot of the 2024 NFL Draft as of Thursday night's matchup against the Carolina Panthers, a game in which one win by the Bears on the field also equaled a win off the field. The worse the Panthers are, the better this pick becomes for Chicago.

And as of right now, although Tyson Bagent has played solid, I see no reason why the Bears would pass up on the chance to take the top QB on their board and proceed to let Justin Fields go to the highest bidder in a trade.

Drake Maye looks like an absolute stud and franchise-changer.

2. Arizona Cardinals: Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State

The Arizona Cardinals would be stuck in an interesting situation here. Kyler Murray is set to make his debut this season in Week 10, and we're going to get a clear look at him after last season's knee injury. While questions remain about Murray and his future with this organization, it's interesting to think about the Cardinals possibly just sticking with their former no. 1 overall pick.

Would they more likely take Caleb Williams here? Probably, but I also don't think you can discount the possibility that the Cardinals would take a surefire star in Marvin Harrison Jr. and stick with Murray.