2024 NFL mock draft: Giants steal top prospect, Seahawks land QB

The latest 2024 NFL mock draft includes a QB prospect going to Seattle...
2024 NFL mock draft
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13. Indianapolis Colts: JC Latham, OT, Alabama

The Indianapolis Colts have found a star at the quarterback position in Anthony Richardson. With that being the case, they need to do anything possible to make sure he's set up well for the future. They need to protect that investment.

With this pick, they are quite literally doing that. JC Latham wouldn't be getting picked on anyone's fantasy football team but he would be a great investment for the Colts and the type of football that's going to win them games going forward, which involves a lot of running the football.

Latham and his 6-foot-6, 360-pound frame could help tremendously with setting the tone.

14. Las Vegas Raiders: Cooper DeJean, DB, Iowa

The Las Vegas Raiders have a lot more questions to answer right now than who will play in their secondary next season, but Cooper DeJean is arguably the best prospect on the board right here and someone who is going to make an immediate impact once he gets to the NFL.

Not only does DeJean play a physical and versatile role in the secondary, but he can also make an immediate impact on all special teams units, including as a punt returner where he has dynamic field vision.

The Raiders really need to find the right head coach, first and foremost, but Cooper DeJean will be a coach's dream no matter who ends up getting hired in Las Vegas.