2024 NFL mock draft: New no. 1 pick replaces Caleb Williams, Jets take QB

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2024 NFL mock draft
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21. Pittsburgh Steelers: Kalen King, CB, Penn State

The Pittsburgh Steelers picked Joey Porter Jr. out of Penn State in this past year's draft, why not dip into that talent pool again?

We know the Pittsburgh Steelers love local prospects more than just about any other team in the NFL, and adding Kalen King would give the Steelers a very athletic duo of young outside cornerbacks to pair up for the future. King has had his share of struggles lately at Penn State but anytime you're going against Ohio State, that's a tough ask for your cornerbacks.

He has big-time athleticism and is still just 20 years old.

22. Houston Texans (from Browns): Kamren Kinchens, S, Miami

I think Houston Texans fans are hoping that some other receivers will emerge to be worthy of being selected in this range. There might be some players close enough to pull the trigger on, but you also can't help but think that DeMeco Ryans would be excited to add another versatile presence to his secondary, even with Jalen Pitre and Jimmie Ward back there.

Kinchens is a playmaker on the back end who can play in just about any alignment and as Ward gets older, perhaps Kinchens can be the guy the Texans pair with Pitre on the back end. Ryans had outstanding safety play when he was in San Francisco and Kinchens is a weapon he can utilize immediately.